Isimbardi Library

Book Heritage




In 1999 the Library has been subject to restoration in order to offer enhanced facilities for legislative research, typically time consuming. High-speed internet access is available.
Heritage consists of 50 thousand volumes at present. There are also some current periodicals.

Among the major available collections, the following are worth to be mentioned:

  • The body of ancient laws since 1796, renamed Foglio Officiale della Repubblica Italiana (Ufficial Bulletin of Italian Republic) since 1802;

  • The Celerifera body of ancient laws since 1823 (major source to understand the Italian jurisdiction during the Risorgimento, a large part of it then conveyed into the Leggi del Regno d’Italia since 1861). This is a valuable and unique collection among the Milan libraries;

  • The Divina Commedia illustrated by Amos Nattini. This precious work consists of three books, published  for the six hundredth anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death. The work started in 1923 and finished in 1941: 10 years spent for drawings of Hell part, 6 years for Purgatory and 3 years for Heaven. Nattini realized 100 drawings, as much as the chapters (“canti”) of Dante’s book. The copy available at the Isimbardi Library carries the registry number #360, assigned by the National Bureau of Engraving and Printing. It consists of 3 leather-bound books with 81x65 cm size sheets, drawings are 43x65 cm size, supported by a special wooden bookstand designed by Arch. Gio Ponti and realized by ebanist Eugenio Quarti;

  • The Collezione degli Atti del Consiglio Provinciale di Milano (the Milan Provincial Council Collection of Acts) from 1860 (a copy of 1860 edition is available as anastatic reprint), extremely valuable and unique for those who are interested in researching the history of the Institution;

  • The Bollettino della Provincia di Milano (The City of Milan Bulletin) from 1916 to 1974. This is a unique review aimed at knowing the urban plan of the city in expansion;

  • The Grande Enciclopedia Treccani (The great Treccani Encyclopedia – including updates), The Piccola Treccani (The Little Treccani), The Enciclopedia del Novecento (Encyclopedia of the 20th Century), The Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani (The Biographical Dictionary of the Italians – the widest national biography), The Storia di Milano (the Milan History – 20 volumes), and The Dizionario di politica (the Politics Dictionary), one of the rarest book published by the Italian Encyclopedia Institute (1.000 copies).


In this Library, the monographies are classified in thematic areas in connection with their content: Agriculture, Milan metropolitan area, art, cultural goods, law and jurisprudence (italian and european), women's studies, public economics and work, history of Milan, public works, landscape and parks, enviromental and natural science, geography, history, local and Lombard regional history, transport, tourism, territory and jurisdiction, city planning and architecture, socio-demographic and electoral statistics, assistance and psychiatry, education, Europe and World, society and immigration, communication etc. In monographies are included volumes edited by Province of Milan and Lombardy Region on their own interest subjects.


The Divina Commedia (Divine Comedy) with images of Amos Nattini. Bulletins, Collections, large and small Encyclopedias of various content; Dictionaries and Vocabularies; Law Collections and Jurisprudence; the Atti del Consiglio Provinciale (Provincial Council Acts) and the Atti Parlamentari (Parliamentary Official Acts); L'Opera dell'Amministrazione Provinciale (the Provincial Administration Work).

Archivio storico Lombardo. Giornale della Società Lombarda (Historical
Lombard Archive. Journal of the Lombard Society): the Library has 114 pieces, from 1899 to 2015. It is the most important publication of the Società Storica Lombarda (Historical Lombardy Society) and it has been published every year since 1874; it reflects the editorial efforts of the Society during its career.
Archivio storico Lodigiano (Historical Archive of Lody): the Library has 41 pieces from 1920s to 2017. The Deputazione storico-culturale of Lodi, now Società storica Lodigiana, is still publishing since 1881 the Archivio storico lodigiano, that reflects the history, culture and art of the chief town and its territory.


Library has some periodicals on law and juridical-administrative subjects available, about economical and social studies, public economy etc.


There are papers, studies, conference proceedings, dossiers and activity reports of Province of Milan and Lombardy Region (and other bodies) not available through normal commercial channels. There are also dissertations and other not editorial publications.


La Gazzetta ufficiale (The Official Gazette) since 8 September 1943. Il Bollettino della Regione Lombardia (The Bulletin of Lombardy Region) since 1971. La Collezione Ufficiale degli atti normativi della Repubblica Italiana (The official Collection of normative acts of the Italian Republic).


Miscellaneous informations and materials about cultural events, meetings, exhibitions, performances. Brochures and booklets made by the Province of Milan.