Isimbardi Library

Library Regulation

Art. 1

Can accede to library loan only councilors and personnel of Metropolitan City of Milan.

Art. 2

It may requiere on loan until a maximum of two book at time. Derogations for this limit may be granted for justified reasons.

Art. 3

Loan period is 15 days, renewable, once for other 15, days except if the material on loan has not been requested by other users.

Art. 4

Every book will be returned as weel as it was delivered.

Art. 5

In case of failure to return of the book within the period prescribed, library stuff will solicit its return.

Art. 6

The user, who does not promptly return the borrowed book, can be suspended from duty.

Art. 7

In case of loss, user must return at library a new book identical than which he lost.

Art. 8

It's excluded from loan the material reserved for only consultation: encyclopedias, periodical, dictionaries, law codes, repertories, rare or valuable books.


Users are informed that Library is setting up a new Library regulation.