Isimbardi Library


Based on the owned material, Isimbardi Library can be defined as a conservative and specialized research library.

Isimbardi Library holds the historical law collection coming from the Vicereale Library and library of Lord Isimbardi family. In particular: the Collection of the edicts, proclamations and notices; the Official Gazette of the Italian Republic; Bulletin of laws of the Kingdom of Italy; “Celerifera” Collection; the Provincial Council Acts; The Prefecture Bullettin, etc.

The Library is specialized in juridical-institutional area, in competencies on which the Province of Milan has had authority, in socioeconomic, cultural and enviromental issues of Milan and Lombardy territory, and in local history of Municipalities of provincial jurisdiction.  In recent years, as a result of new subjects acquired by the Province of Milan, the Library has enriched its book heritage opening new sections, such as “Communication”, “Europe”, “World” and “Society and Immigration”.

Library Isimbardi is the first which has joined the Library Ambrosiana Pole, linked to the SBN Index System (National Library Service).

The Library is a seat of meetings and books presentation.



Library services

The Library provides a reference service to assist users in finding and consultation of books and documents. Users can consult and make photocopies for a fee in accordance with current regulations on copyright. There is an access for people with disabilities.








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